Grab Your Berries

I was just mowing my lawn — almost finished, just a few rows to go — when something beautiful caught my eye. A bunch of berries was hanging from a high tree, and the sunlight was hitting it perfectly.

I thought to go get my camera immediately, but realized that I had not yet finished mowing, figuring that I would be done in 5 minutes. The photograph could wait. After all, what would change in 5 minutes?

When I came back, the lighting was all wrong. Instead of the gorgeous picture I had hoped for, all I got was something “pleasant.” And that made me think.

Why do we hesitate when inspiration hits? What are we afraid of? Do we fear neglecting obligations, hurting someone, or perhaps appearing foolish?

The next time inspiration hits you, follow it! I know I will. I have learned my lesson.

Grab your berries while you have the chance!


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