Secret Passion

What is your secret passion – that one thing that you can’t live without, but you don’t tell people about? For me, it’s my guitar.

Not many people know that I play for several reasons.

Number one: I suck. I don’t know a lot of chords (hardly any by name and the others I just make up) and I have a poor sense of rhythm. I never was “rock star material,” even when I looked the part.

Number two: I play for myself and not for them. Often when I feel a surge of emotions, good or bad, I am drawn to my guitar. It is an outlet for my joy and a healing salve for when I am stressed. My guitar playing, no matter how lousy, helps calm me down. It soothes my emotions and takes me away from the self-imposed stresses that affect me, like a musical mantra whose reverberating, fuzzed-out notes carry me to blissful places, one power chord at a time.

I do not play so that others can hear me. Often I close my door to insure privacy or channel the sound through headphones so that only I can hear. I play so that I can have the experience. My guitar is my muse, my inspiration, a part of my soul.

What fills this role in your life?


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  1. waynelaw says:

    I am with you there…and I may be worse but playing guitar does make me feel better.

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