Rejection 1

I awoke this morning to the worst pain of all:rejection. Okay, okay, I know – a lot of things can hurt more than rejection, like being hit by a bus, having a root canal done, or running out of Fritos – then again maybe my original statement was correct.  Rejection hurts a lot.

How was I rejected? Prepare yourself for this: somebody “unfollowed” me.  I know – the very idea of it! My first reaction was shame, guilt, embarrassment, and self-doubt.  Well, I guess those are four reactions – you see how shook up I am about all this rejection?  Now I can’t even think straight.

Rejection 2At first, I blamed myself.  I must have done something wrong to lose 16.7 % of my Facebook followers in a single day (yes, it’s true – when you are a newbie and only have 6 Facebook followers, a loss of 1 is a major hit on the statistics front.)

I questioned myself: was I writing about the wrong things? Was I too boring? And why didn’t they let me know ahead of time?  I would have tried to be more exciting – I swear I would.

Rejection 3 So now I worry that everyone will abandon me.  By next week, I will have no followers at all. What then?  Will I have to suffer the ultimate blogger’s indignity of losing all my followers in front of the whole world. Oh, this is just too much to bear.

Of course by now I hope you realize that I am kidding. If not, please explore the rest of my pages and discover my philosophy.  I believe that humor is an important part of life – a positive tool to be used to cope with stress or to just make life more fun.  Either way, laughter is good.  Laughter is healthy.  Laughter is my medicine.

So what will I do now – change? No way! I lost one follower and I will probably lose more.  Will I be able to just ignore that and take it in stride – probably not.  But that doesn’t matter.  It’s like everything in life: there is bad along with the good.  You just have to get through the stuff you don’t like in order to get to the good stuff. (I know – not a very eloquent way to say it, but you get the point.)

Today I will turn my focus to positive thoughts and positive feelings, and bid a fond adieu to that one person who deserted me.



About Joe

Freelance designer and writer whose goal is to help others by writing about my experiences with fear and anxiety (agoraphobia), health struggles (cancer) and my wonderfully-happy life as a husband and stay-at-home dad. I want to empower everyone to have a happy life.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Seriously Joe — I’d follow you any where. Well — not to a perfume factory — through a hive of bees — down the sewer — definitely not to Frito Eating Contest — you wouldn’t be able to handle to stress when I won. But most any where else. Oh wait — not to a Save The Slugs That Are Eating Colleen’s Garden Fundraiser or a class on how to weave a basket from poison ivy — poison oak is okay though….

    • Joe says:

      You are correct — losing a Fritos-eating contest would be too much to bear. As for the sewer excursion, well, I think I will pass that one up. 🙂

  2. twrightlove says:

    You almost got me there, lol

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