What barriers do we have in our lives — and who puts them up? Are they placed there by the outside world? Can we go around them, or even break them down?

Or do we construct our own barriers, that imprison us, inhibit us from reaching our true potential, and seeing what is beautiful?

What are your barriers?


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  1. My barriers are the perimeters of our MCS safe property– or the walls of my MCS safe home — or the walls of our MCS safe motor home–out side of those- I have “no safe zone”— as EVERYONE THINKS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE ANY TOXIC KILLING CHEMICALS THEY WANT TO — WHEN THEY WANT TO & HOW THEY WANT TO!!!! They just have not realized that all of us who have MCS are the rest of the world’s canaries!!!! That every time they use any toxic chemicals–they are destroying our water supply & air supply & our food supply & our environment- & killing everything on this earth– those of use with MCS– have the boundries of where we can try to avoid the toxic killing chemicals!!! I have many MCS sisters who are homeless trying to RUN from the toxic chemical world!!! Those of us with MCS– the barriers may be as invisible to others as our invisible illness is to them!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. bpnana says:

    I can relate to this subject. I have had chronic asthma & bronchitis since I was 10 and we have been living in an apartment complex which is over the laundry room!
    We took the place because we didn’t think we’d be staying too long. That was over four and a half years ago. I can’t wait to find a place that is less toxic. I use only natural soap, laundry detergent, and no dryer products whatsoever. I can’t even stand to open my kitchen window because the lint and smell of the perfumes make me sick. We just bought a very good air purifier – pricey – but worth every cent. I’m packing as I write, hoping our new home will be more peaceful and waaaay less toxic. We’ve really screwed up our earth. But we all can do our part!. Thanks!

  4. Colleen says:

    With MCS I certainly understand this so well. I guess I view barriers as things others indiscriminately put up. Neighbors.doing laundry with toxic chemicals so I can’t take a walk is a barrier. I think sometimes people confuse barriers and boundaries. My boundaries I establish. I decide who I let into my life, my home, my personal space and under what conditions. Boundaries enhance the quality of my life. Barriers are “fences” that restrict my life. My barrier with my MCS was I suffered in silence for decades. In the case of toxic chemicals I’m blowing my trumpet to knock that wall down.

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