Love at First Sight

I met him but a few days ago, and it was love at first sight.

He looked at me with his wide eyes and slightly upturned mouth — as if he was smiling at a secret joke just the two of us had shared. I looked at him as if I had known him forever.

We spent some time together, and it was all smiles — well, except when he got hungry; but don’t we all get a bit cranky when our bellies are empty and we don’t know how to ask for food?

He laughed at my funny faces (or perhaps he was just mocking the one I am stuck with), he giggled at all the funny noises I made, and he smiled whenever I walked into the room.

This is pure bliss.

We went to the park the other day and he tried to eat everything in sight. I guess we had better teach him how to ask for food sooner than expected: the leaves didn’t taste so good.

I will be spending as much time with him as I can — until he goes back home. My new nephew — but 9 months old — will be taking my heart back with him when he goes.

Love the little ones with all your heart. Time is fleeting and oh so very precious!

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  1. Colleen says:

    How cute. He’s got that oh-so-suave look down already.

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