Soft Snow

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress. She dangles March’s carrot before us, teasing us with bright sun and the smells of spring. Then she pulls it away, capturing our spirits with an icy January net upon us.

If we let her inside, it is hard to stay positive, as she robs us bare of time and energy. So we bundle up and honker down in the ebb and flow of our yearly battle. Luckily — for now — we have Father Time on our side: the mighty warrior who, in the end, conquers all.

The pages will fall off the calendar, and the warm weather birds will return. And all we need do is wait, for the sunshine that is at our door.

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  1. This year we’ve had no snow at all. I suppose there’s still a chance we make get covering – but it’s starting to look unlikely, so it’s nice to see a reminder.

  2. Colleen says:

    I’m holding you to the promise that Spring is coming — after this week’s blizzard I have my doubts. 😀

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