Just a Peanut?

When you look at the picture, what do you see? Just a peanut — or something more?

Look closely. Maybe you see the building blocks of an elephant. Look closer. Maybe it’s an alien life form disguised in a harmless and familiar pod, just waiting to burst forth and conquer our planet. Or maybe it’s just my brain, that shriveled until it was so tiny that it fell out onto my kitchen counter. Or maybe you see something completely different. What do you see?

What would happen if you planted this object? In what direction would it grow: up down, sideways — or perhaps in all directions at once? And what would develop when it was fully grown: a plant, food, a skyscraper, Justin Bieber’s twin brother? Who can predict what will happen?

Sometimes life is just like this: we see one thing and only see one outcome. How sad. How sad not to dream. How sad not to say “what if?” How sad to put limitations upon our thought.

The next time you see something — anything — don’t look at it the same way. Dare to say “what if?” Dare to dream.

What do you see now? Just a peanut?

4 responses »

  1. anfinsenart says:

    Woe is me. All I could see was a peanut. Then after receiving your chastisement, Lo and Behold I saw a waffle cone in embryo. Wouldn’t it be nice to grow your own? Tee hee

  2. Colleen says:

    I see a fish hiding in a paper bag. 😀 You asked?!

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