I looked out my kitchen window this morning, only to see a tiny bird hopping about in a frenzied manner on the hood of my car. I watched him for a while, as he darted about on the shiny, black surface, pecking away at his reflection in futility. This continued until his flock flew overhead. Then he abandoned his task and flew off with them.

And I began to wonder: does this have any meaning to me? Is there a lesson to be learned?

To the bird, the reflective surface of the car was a mirror, and he was curious about the strange creature he saw in that mirror. It was obvious he didn’t know he was looking at himself. But I look in the mirror many times throughout the course of the day. How many times do I see my true self; and how many times do I see what I want to see? Do I ever see what other people see; and how would I feel about that if I did?

Does this all boil down to truth? What is true and what isn’t? Does it all boil down to reality? How can I be sure what is real and what is an illusion? But more importantly, how would I act if I could only see the truth, and if everything I did mattered? Would I treat people differently? Would I be afraid to lie or to gossip (as we all do)?

How would I live my life if I thought that my every action would be observed in some way? How would I act if every word would be heard or read by someone? Would I lock away the bitter and cruel words that might cause someone to feel pain? Would I replace them with only positive and uplifting words?

Perhaps we should live this way: as if EVERYTHING matters, EVERYTHING counts, even if it isn’t true. Perhaps that would lessen the pain in the world. Perhaps that was what I was supposed to see this morning. It’s funny how something so seemingly silly can turn out to be so profound if one only takes the time to think about what it means.

May all your thoughts be positive today as you fly away to face your world.

About Joe

Freelance designer and writer whose goal is to help others by writing about my experiences with fear and anxiety (agoraphobia), health struggles (cancer) and my wonderfully-happy life as a husband and stay-at-home dad. I want to empower everyone to have a happy life.

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  1. Amy says:

    I do believe everything matters and counts, in its own way – not always in the way we perceive it. Very thoughtful post.

  2. How refreshing to read this, Joe. It is so much more satisfying than the “news” I’m hearing on the radio and reading in the newspaper. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. I was drawn to this post by the artwork. I have a hard time reading paragraphs. Is this your artwork? If so, may I use it? If not, where did you find it? I would like to request permission to use it.

    • Joe says:

      No, this is just something I found online. It didn’t look like it was copyrighted or anything, so I think it’s okay to use.

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