I am distraught.  My government has played a trick on me by not telling me the complete truth about something.  And here I thought that my government was always truthful. At least that’s what they always told me. (Come to think of it, is there a difference between the truth and being truthful — I am detecting a subtle difference wherein the possibility of “shades of truth” exist.)

This is what I found out:

NASA officials finally admitted that the manned moon landings were actually filmed at a closed Hollywood sound stage, and its participants sworn to an oath of secrecy for reasons of national security. They further admitted that the debris that can been seen on the moon through high-powered telescopes on earth was placed there by unmanned probes, controlled by computers at the Johnson Space Center, and was strategically placed to simulate a moon landing.

Nope.  No way. Can’t be true; I saw it on TV.  At least I thought I did.  It had to be real; there weren’t any commercials. Then I took a closer look at the picture and my jaw dropped. Now I don’t know what to believe.

Now people are starting to change their minds about things.  Now they tell me things that weren’t in our history books like the Holocaust didn’t happen and President Lincoln had a glandular condition. The next thing you know, someone will say that the Mets didn’t win the World Series in 1969 and everything on the Internet isn’t true. I don’t think I can handle much more of this.

My world is crumbling and Neil Armstrong isn’t around to help me.

What next?

About Joe

Freelance designer and writer whose goal is to help others by writing about my experiences with fear and anxiety (agoraphobia), health struggles (cancer) and my wonderfully-happy life as a husband and stay-at-home dad. I want to empower everyone to have a happy life.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Happy April 1st Joe.

  2. anfinsenart says:

    sorry, I can’t believe it! I think Photo Shop and more sophisticated programs can make anything look real.

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