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Why humor?  Because I cannot envision life without it.

Humor is the great equalizer.  It can cut the powerful down to size.

Humor makes us feel good.  It relieves stress. What would life be without it?

The above people are but a few of my heroes.  I will list others along the way.

Here are links to some of my “humorous” entries:


“Why Is It: The Beach”  (Humorous observations about life at the beach)

“Tree House”  (There are trees growing on my house)

“Travails of a Newbie Blogger: Shame”  (Newbie Blogger Confusion)

“Satire:We Are Saved!”     (Hostess Twinkies are back!)

“Travails of a Newbie Blogger: Quality or Quantity?”   (More posts or better posts?)

“Out of Control”  (Remote control confusion)

“Royalty”  (Do you believe in kings?”)

“Travails of a Newbie Blogger: Dropping the Towel”  (Revealing yourself to others)

“Confessions of a Frito-holic”  (My love for Fritos)

“Watch Your Mouth” (Top 13 List of Worst-ever Last Words)

“Facebook Cooties”   (Facebook Rejection)

“Secret Passion”  (Being a bad guitar player)

“Freedom of Choice or Pressure to Choose?”  (Top 13 Things not to do in a store)

“Travails of a Newbie Blogger: When Followers Leave”   (Rejection)

“The French Fries are Watching Us”   (Paranoia)

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