I saw an amazing sight today: a one-legged seagull. At first, I felt sorry for him, wondering how he lost his leg and how difficult his life must be.

I tried to take hist picture, but I could not. He soared through the sky too fast for my lens to capture him. He moved just as fast as all the other birds, with no thought at all to his “handicap.”

That is when I noticed how magnificent he was. He had taken in stride all the bad that life had thrown at him and had flourished. He was inspirational.

And then I thought about us — people — and how we let the smallest things unravel us, derail us from our goals and our happiness. That is when I no longer felt sorry for him — I felt sorry for us.

We need to be more like the seagull. We need to accept our “flaws” and embrace them as our beauty. We need not worry about our troubles — we merely need to survive them. And then we can embrace others in the hopes of making their struggles a little less painful.

Soar among the clouds like that seagull!!

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